Section B > Module 6 > Integrating Disaster Risk Management

6.2 Community Engagement


Engaging the community and local stakeholders is an integral aspect of the disaster risk management process. Communities are the core of disaster risk reduction, and community based approaches are increasingly central to national disaster risk reduction plans. Past experience shows that communities are always the first responders in a disaster situation, and take leading roles in post disaster recovery. The roles of communities in pre-disaster preparedness are also very important.

Key aspects to be covered

  • Role of communities in disaster risk management.
  • Role of communities in building the city’s resilience for climate related hazards.
  • Understanding and responding to the community and neighbourhoods
  • Advantages and limitations of community engagement initiatives
  • Role of community members as volunteers for emergency response.

Teaching Strategies

Lectures and Secondary Case Studies

This section may be introduced to participants through lectures comprised of case studies showing different community setups and how they may be integrated as part of a response, recovery and rehabilitation mechanism. Building awareness amongst locals and using them for monitoring their cultural heritage needs to be highlighted.

Sample Lecture

Community Based Approaches and Disaster Risk Reduction, International Training Course, 2010
Instructor: Rajib Shaw

Primary Case Study and Workshop

A role play exercise in which the participants engage in various roles as different members of a community and other stakeholders may be carried out to illustrate how it is possible to reconcile different priorities through a prolonged process of community engagement.