Section B > Module 5 > Recovery and Rehabilitation

5.4 Linking Recovery to Mitigation


This section emphasises creating links between recovery and mitigation stages within the disaster risk management framework. It lays special emphasis on the significance of capacity building in post disaster recovery planning. It also emphasizes identifying available human resources and evaluating their skills, and supplementing them with the required technical ability needed to respond to disaster risks and potential disaster scenarios.

Key aspects to be introduced and discussed

  • The possibility of linking post disaster recovery to risk mitigation, thus completing the disaster risk management cycle.
  • Various kinds of professionals and volunteers who can be potentially involved in post disaster recovery repair and restoration.
  • Skills that are needed for conservation and repair.
  • The need for focused training in the subject of disaster risk management and especially the need for capacity building of professionals and volunteers who may potentially be responsible for restoring and rehabilitating cultural heritage
  • Various checklists and criteria that are need to be communicated to heritage managers.

This content also summarises the lessons from this module and is a useful tool for participants who may often be heritage managers or administrators of institutions in charge of administration of heritage.

Teaching Strategies

Core Lecture

A detailed lecture is essential at this stage to inform the participants on the various approaches of linking post disaster recovery mechanisms to mitigate risks for the future. It should stress on using the experience of a disaster to equip heritage managers and other stakeholders to protect their cultural heritage from future damage due to disaster. It should also illustrate how capacity building and training are essential components of the disaster risk management process in general and that post disaster recovery can be used an opportunity to build capacities aimed at reducing risks from future disasters. It may be linked with a lecture on community participation as well, in modules 3 and 4 during the course.

Sample Lecture

Training of heritage managers for post disaster recovery of cultural heritage, International Training Course, 2011
Instructor: Yasumichi Murakami
Duration: 80 minutes (continuation of previous lecture)